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Five random things about me:

1. I’m a wife to one, mom to three, and we all love pets;
2. I wish I was super outdoorsy, but I’ve pretty much seen all the things on Netflix by now, so…
3. Some people think I’m a little goofy or weird - your kids will probably agree;
4. Beverly Goldberg is my spirit animal; and
5. Humor and sarcasm are my love languages.



Five random things about you:

1. Family and friends are very important to you;
2. You have a solid appreciation for pop culture references;
3. You really value sentimental things, like Gam-Gam’s handwritten recipe for lemon pound cake (and hey, sharing is caring, amiright?);
4. You love to travel and probably set up random, little adventures for no reason; and
5. Humor and sarcasm are your love languages.



Five reasons you’ll want to hire me:

1. I showcase and preserve personalities as they are right now;
2. My clients feel like a model during their shoot, and look like a model after in their finished products;
3. Extremely personalized service;
4. I create cool, modern portraits that will still look cool twenty, thirty, forty years from now; and
5. Fun and easy photo shoot, every single time.


“Sometimes you can’t see yourself clearly
until you see yourself through the eyes of others.”
- Ellen DeGeneres

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Everyone seems to be getting the same family photos these days, don’t they? Sure, traditional, outdoor family portraits are lovely, but they’re just not your style. You want something different, something cool.
And that’s where Cindy Valdez Photography comes in. Together, we’ll create portraits of your family that look to be ripped right out of the pages of a magazine; portraits that show WHO your family is today, not just what they look like; portraits that’ll make you smile, maybe even laugh, every time you look at them.


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